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About Us

We formed WARD9 Productions with the idea of making Independent Films with high quality content for effective and achievable budgets. This is why we continue to succeed in getting every script we put our minds to off the page and onto the screen.

South of Hope Street set in Maloja, Switzerland

Our Story

We find or create scripts that are humanist, adventurous and somewhat irreverent!

Inspired by the excitement of pioneering film makers in the 1960’s and 1970’s,

we believe in a high artistic quality that is commercial exactly because it is new, fresh, and adventurous in its story-telling approach.

We think of ourselves as adventurers who just go out and do it. We work with the best crew, actors and fellow filmmakers available to us to help us create these visions.


And usually, because we love film as much as making films, and due to the adventurous, humanist and irreverent types of scripts and stories we acquire or create — we attract amazing and well-known talent, from HOD’s to actors,

to help us bring our films to life.

Meet The Team

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