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South of Hope Street


In 2038 earth reaches a cosmic tipping point and enters a mysterious universe. To perpetuate the old order, people hide behind a gigantic wall and engage in wars. In this dystopian wonderland, Denise walks on thin ice to believe in her future, spurred on by Tom, a caretaker, who promises that a renaissance is on its way.

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Tanna Frederick  -  as Denise

Judd Nelson  -  as Tom

William Baldwin -  as Ltd. D. Winthrop

Michael Madsen - as Benjamin Flowers

Asser Yassin - as Tarik

Angelo Boffa - as Prof. Mele

Craig Conway - as Wes

Patricia Sluka - as Xenia

Maximilian Preisig - as Andrey

Jack McEvoy - as Timetraveller

Pascal Ulli - as Bruce Baxter

Meredith Ostrom - as Arnbjörg


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A sci-fi allegory about existential worries, evil, fear of the future and the meaning of life in an absurd world.

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Judd Nelson as Tom
Jack McEvoy & Sandra Ferrez
William Baldwin
The Hippie Rebels
Michael Madsen
Angelo Boffa
Yasser Assin
Maximiliam Preisig
Judd Nelson & Tanna
Craig Conway & Barry O'Rourke
Stefanie Alder & Patricia Sluka
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